South Side Animal Hospital is equipped to perform many different types of soft tissue surgery including spays and neuters, wound repairs, lump removals, and abdominal surgery such as bladder stone removal, cancer removal, and foreign object removal (if your pet decides to eat something it shouldn't!). We are also able to provide orthopedic surgeries such as cruciate ligament repairs, knee cap luxation surgery, fracture repairs, and amputations. Our veterinarians will help you determine what procedure is the best for your pet and also work closely with the veterinary surgeons at Guardian Veterinary Centre to offer referrals in more complicated or specialized cases.

We believe in proper follow up after any surgery and will provide you with detailed instructions when you take your pet home after any procedure. We also provide follow up check-ups to make sure everything is healing as expected. All of our pets are sent home with adequate pain control after any procedure to make sure they are comfortable and as pain-free as possible.